Addressing Title IX Changes

  • The Title IX regulatory changes announced by the U.S. Department of Education on May 6 are both historic and extensive. Lafayette’s administration is conferring with its legal advisers, Title IX Team, Presidential Oversight Committee on Sexual Misconduct, and other constituents to consider the changes and will announce plans for a response in the near future. In the midst of ever-changing laws and regulations, the College is committed to providing a learning and working environment that emphasizes the dignity and worth of every member of its community. To this end, we must ensure that our Title IX structures are based on respect, sensitivity, and dignity for all of our students, faculty, and staff members. The College will continue to offer comprehensive resources that stop, prevent, and remedy sexual misconduct and sexual and gender-based harassment. Given the limitations of COVID-19, interim policy changes may be necessary. Nevertheless, we remain committed to consulting campus constituencies on any policy issues that extend beyond legal requirements as mandated by the federal government.

Sexual harassment, which includes sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking, is not tolerated in the Lafayette community. If you or someone you know has experienced sexual harassment, the following information is provided to assist in making informed choices regarding next steps, including seeking assistance, medical care, and reporting the incident.

Report sexual Harassment