What is a Mandated Reporter?

A Mandated Reporter is an employee of the College who is obligated by policy to share knowledge, notice, and/or reports of harassment, discrimination, and/or retaliation with the Title IX Coordinator or a Deputy Coordinator.

Who is a Mandated Reporter?

Lafayette College has designated all employees— including faculty, visiting faculty, full and part-time administrators, and staff—as Mandated Reporters. The only exceptions are Confidential and Private Resources, as defined below, and most student employees. Note that Resident Advisors are the only category of student employees designated as Mandated Reporters.

As a Mandated Reporter, what am I required to report?

A “Mandated Reporter” is required to report all relevant details about an incident of alleged sexual harassment (including sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking) –including the names of the parties, any witnesses, and any other relevant details (e.g., the date, time, and location of the incident) to the Director of Educational Equity.

Note: At the request of a Complainant, notice may be given by a Mandated Reporter to the Title IX Coordinator anonymously, without identification of the Complainant. The Mandated Reporter cannot remain anonymous themselves.

Generally, disclosures in climate surveys, classroom writing assignments or discussions, human subjects research, social media platforms, or at events such as “Take Back the Night” marches or speak-outs do not provide notice that must be reported to the Coordinator by employees, unless the Complainant clearly indicates that they desire a report to be made or seek a specific response from the College.

Mandated Reporters can fulfill their reporting obligations by contacting the Director of Educational Equity directly or through the College’s online reporting system.

If you don’t know some of the details above, you do not need to ask. You are required to share all relevant information that was shared with you or that you observed.

If I'm not a Mandated Reporter and I learn about an incident, what should I do?

Although not required, we encourage anyone who witnesses or learns about potential sexual harassment to contact the Director of Educational Equity to ensure an appropriate institutional response. Any person (except those with state conferred privileges) can share concerns or information with the Director of Educational Equity.

If you are not designated as a Mandated Reporter but would like training or information on responding to disclosures, please contact the Director of Educational Equity.

What should I do if a student discloses to me?

  • Confirm the student’s safety. If they are not safe, call 911 or contact Public Safety.
  • Avoid overwhelming the student with questions. Remember, you are not an investigator tasked with determining what happened or who is responsible.
  • Explain your obligation to report the information. If a crime was disclosed and you are also a Campus Security Authority, you need to contact the Department of Public Safety immediately.
  • Direct them to the Student Advocacy and Prevention Coordinator,  the Counseling Center, or the Chaplain if they want to speak to a confidential resource on campus.
  • Thank them for telling you.
  • Report all relevant information to the Director of Educational Equity directly or through the College’s online reporting system. This report should be completed within 24 hours of receipt of a disclosure.


What happens after I submit a report to the Director of Educational Equity?

Generally, the Director of Educational Equity (or a Deputy Coordinator) will reach out to the complainant with information about support and resources. The Director of Educational Equity will also request a meeting to ensure the complainant understands their options, how to request accommodations, and the role of the Director of Educational Equity. While the College has an obligation to provide resources and assess campus safety, the complainant is not required to participate in a meeting or possible investigation. A report to the Director of Educational Equity does not start the formal complaint process.


I want to learn more. Where can I go?

If you need more information or are not sure what to do, you can view our Resource Guide (PDF).

You may also contact the Director of Educational Equity, Amanda Hanincik at hanincia@lafayette.edu or 610-330-5338.