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Title IX Team Training

  • ATIXA Training Materials Note: Access to specific course training materials listed below can be searched by clicking on the above link “ATIXA Training Materials.” TIX Team Members have completed the following training/certification courses: Title IX Regulations Implementation Training & Certification (2020); Level I Title IX Coordinator (2020); Level II Title IX Coordinator (2020); Level II Investigator (2020); Level I Investigator (2019); Level II Investigator (2019); Level III Investigator (2018).

Deputy Title IX Coordinators

Jamila Bookwala

Dean of the Faculty; Professor of Psychology
219 Markle Hall

Lisa Rex

Director of Human Resources
012 Markle Hall
(610) 330-5814

Jennifer Dize

Assistant Dean of Students
205 Feather House
(610) 330-5082

Terrence Haynes

Assistant Director of Residence Life
114 Kirby House
610 330-5335